Not that Different

I have been telling my mother for a while that I will make myself some washcloths that way when she comes to visit she won’t have to bathe with a handtowel. (I use a body puff, and while I do own some store bought washcloths, I can never find them!) However, Christmas just about wore me out on cloth making of any kind. I haven’t really wanted to take on a big project right now or finish any of the others that I’ve already started (like my Grandmother’s throw), so I thought that I might as well make a couple of washcloths!

I bought several skeins of KnitPicks Shine Worsted back before Christmas for the purpose of making some Christmas gifts, but I was trying to be fair with pricing and changed my mind at the end. I couldn’t really justify making a couple of cloths for one person out of Shine and then giving someone else some made out of Sugar ‘n Cream, so I just kept what I ordered and figured that I would just do something with it later!

I found these patterns on the Lion Brand site a while back. The one on the left is in Wisteria and is the Grit Stitch Washcloth while the one on the right is in Cream and is the Double Crochet Washcloth. (In order to access the links you will have to register at the Lion Brand site. If you haven’t before, it’s FREE! 🙂 There is also a very adorable baby hoodie pattern that is made using this Organic Cotton yarn.)

I think that the Organic Cotton is a new yarn that they’ve come out with recently and therefore I haven’t seen it in any store. I like the colors as they appear to be very spa-like and natural, but I am never convinced that anything is ‘organic’ as I know enough about plants and what not to be a bit skeptical. (Doesn’t matter to me if it is organic anyway, just a reason for them to raise the price!) The no-dye part is interesting though.

It also appears that there is a bath towel draped across the chair in the on-line photo with all of the wash cloths! While there is no pattern and I am not all that eager on making myself a closet full of bath towels, that one looks very lovely. I am intrigued by the possibility!


Wool is Scratchy

I finally made myself a scarf! I bought this yarn a while back because I was going to make myself a booga bag, but my secret pal sent me a felted purse and I also knew that I would never get around to making one! I got the book Hooked Scarves one day last week and lo and behold, there was a scarf in there that was perfect for using my booga bag yarn!

Don’t you love the work bathroom shot (and you can see my pink camera)! I tried to take a picture of it at home last night but none of them came out very well. This is not much better actually, but at least you get more of an idea of the colors. I really like them! They are a lot more muted than I usually go for, but I think that it’s ok for me to ‘break out’ every now and then. 🙂

The yarn used is Noro Kureyon #95, which is the original Booga Bag color. For this scarf I used 3 entire skeins and a Size K / 10 1/2 Hook. The pattern is the “Surprise Me Striped Scarf” and the only modification I did was not adding the fringe. For some reason I was not moved to add fringe b/c I don’t really like it flapping between my legs when I walk.

Here is a close-up of the stitch pattern:

This was a lot of fun to crochet and to see what color was going to come up next. This was the first time that I had ever made anything with wool and it really tore my hands up!  I had to apply so much lotion!

There are so many really pretty scarves in Hooked Scarves.  I found something that I might want to make for my mother, and I am going to make the Raspberry Puff Scarf for myself out of some lovely Berroco Glace yarn.  I think that it would really be nice for a late spring scarf, to wear when you just need a little something to keep you warm.

I love this color, Persian blue. I think that it will make a really lovely scarf. 3 skeins seems to be the magic number for scarves lately.

Cute as a Button

Last weekend my mother came over to visit me and to go shopping in Southaven. While there I wanted to stop by Hancock Fabrics and look at their baby button selection, for some baby bibs. I looked through the ‘cheap’ buttons until I realized that the buttons were on sale for 40% off that day! Mother, with her eagle eye, then spotted the cutest button selection!

I was so excited to find the cute lamb buttons!! Several in the button selection had some characters on them which led me to wonder if “The Land of Milk and Honey” was some sort of storybook or children’s brand. Apparently, it is! How cute!

Armed with cute buttons at last, I was finally ready to finish a project that had been sitting in my living room floor just a little too long!

I started this back in September when Jason’s cycling buddy’s wife had a baby, but abandoned it for the Cotton Hat in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The pattern is the So-Simple Baby Bib w/ 1 small polka dot from the Aug/Sept ’06 issue of Crochet Today. I used Wendy Supreme 100g Luxury Cotton DK with a size F/5 Hook.

Here is a close-up of the button I used:

I love the little pink lamb!

Close-up of the ‘polka dot’:

I had some wonky-ness going on in the corners which you can see here, but hopefully the receipient won’t mind or won’t notice! My mother will probably ‘buy’ this from me to give at a baby shower at church one day if it meets her seal of approval. 🙂


If you have checked out my goals for this year, you might have noticed that I am going to attempt to create 2! mitered square blankets. One in Cotton Classic and another in Sugar n Cream and Peaches n Creme. I have A LOT of dishcloth cotton and since I am not going to be making dishcloths for a while, wanted to put it to good use. I saw on the Mason Dixon KAL where a lady made one and it was so cute. I know that dishcloth cotton isn’t the highest of quality, but really, this won’t be laundered as much as a dishcloth and for my own personal use, it will be just fine!

While I may have a plethora of dishcloth cotton, I do not have a huge quantity of Cotton Classic. Since I love to collect, this is where some of the fun comes in! Maria gave me 3 skeins for Christmas and I have bought myself 5 over time. The colors are bright lime green, minty green, bright yellow, bright orange, red orange, red, fuschia, and light grape (I think!).

I still have a long way to go before I will be ready to start this project because I want to have at least 20 colors before I even begin pairing colors together. I checked out the Cotton Classic page. Really, I don’t think that I will have a hard time coming up with 40 colors that I like! This is one project, that while it may seem daunting, since I will be sewing up so many squares, I can’t wait to have the finished project!

At times, I am occassionally forced to knit with DPNs. Therefore I thought that I needed something in which to store the few that I have. I had this epiphany while Ria and I were on a little jaunt to our LYS checking out the Cotton Classic. I came back with…

I think that it is really a crochet hook case, but I am putting it to good use nevertheless. Besides I already have a crochet hook case, albeit, not as fancy…

My DPN collection is small…I bought 3 sets at Hobby Lobby after Christmas with a gift card I was given and then one set at the LYS when I bought the case. I hate to use them, they make me so nervous! However, I want to make Sheldon and Jason’s birthday present will require them as well. Ugh. I have not ever had to be a stickler for gauge, but honestly, me on DPNs equals some seriously tight knitting.

Stacie had a question about the “mystery project” that I posted about on Monday. She wanted to know what the stitch pattern was, so I am glad to accomodate her! It is nothing more than single crochet alternating between working into the front loop and the back loop. Very easy, but it gives single crochet a little bit more texture and interest. It also makes it a little less stiff.

Getting the Ball Rolling

I am going to try to stay on top of my goals for this year and not let them defeat me like they did at Christmas. Of course that means that I have to be proactive and get things started…sometimes the hardest part for me as I love to plan the project a little too much.

Since this is going to be a birthday present for someone…I can only give a little teaser, but this is what I spent most of the weekend working on.

Surprise Birthday Present

I wish that I could tell you a little more about this project, but you will get to see the finished product soon enough…All I will say is that it is KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Green Apple.

I have also been working on this stripey throw from the book, Simple Crochet. I am going to give this to my grandmother.

Stripey Throw

This is very easy to crochet and if I were diligent I could be a lot farther along. Unfortunately, I get bored with a project easily, so I have laid this one down for a while. I am using Bernat Satin and it is so soft! The colors are Sage, Camel, Silk and Spring. The colors are pretty close to reality on my monitor, just a tad bit lighter in real life.

Wrapping up, the rest of 2006

I had to come back to work yesterday after having been off for a week and a half. It is amazing how you can get so used to doing exactly what you want to do in such a short period of time!

As promised, here are the pictures from the Christmas knitting I did that I have not had an opportunity to post until now.

Bath Mitt for KnitWit, pattern from KnitPicks

It is made from Shine Worsted in Sunflower. It was a very quick and easy knit and if I could sew it would look even better! KnitWit liked it, or seemed to, even though at first she thought it was an oven mitt. Ha ha.

Butterfly Cloths for Aunt Jane, patterns from Yahoo Groups SusansKnitPatterns and Knitted_Kitty_Dishcloths

I love the border on the 2nd cloth. So cute! I don’t know if you can make it out very well, but it is a basketweave type border. My blocking leaves much to be desired, but I was in a manic blocking frenzy while watching Deal or No Deal so there is no telling what could have happened. Regardless of any botched blocking, Aunt Jane LOVED them. She is a lover of butterflies, obviously, and she just went on and on about how she would never use them but she would display them.

Oak Leaf and Hearts, Big and Small for my Aunt Tracy, Patterns from Yahoo Groups Monthly Dishcloths and Knitted_Kitty_Dishcloths

I like the way that both of these turned out and I really like the way that the seed stitch borders look on cloths.

And finally, here is a picture (granted, a TERRIBLE one) of the wonderful Secret Pal package that my pal sent to me:

I have a really great, thoughtful pal! It’s been pretty cold here this week so I’ve been wearing my new scarf and I really love it! The colors go with just about everything that I own!

I am just now realizing how you can’t tell anything from this picture! Also, the sticky note pad that she sent isn’t in the picture b/c I took this picture at home, but left the note pad at work.  Ugh.  Good thing they don’t ask to see your photography credentials before they let you sign up for a blog, otherwise they would not have let me have one!

I have lots more to talk about, but I will save that for later. I have set myself some knitting goals as I figure that the rest of my life is hopeless, why depress myself further! Ha ha. Seriously, some fun knitting goals have been set, one of which includes finishing the Log Cabin baby blanket that I started back before the holiday knitting took over my life.

It’s a New Year

Happy New Year everybody! Hope that it’s a great one.