2 Down, Lots More to Go

I’ve finished another Christmas present, this time a scarf for my grandfather.

Sorry for the bad picture!  There was NO natural light coming into my apartment this morning when I took the picture.  😦

The basketweave pattern I used is from the book, The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton.  The yarn used is 2 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky in Medium Sea Green.  My grandfather is an outdoor type and therefore needs a scarf that my grandmother can easily launder.  One that was handwash only, or cold wash only would not be so well received.

I am finally happy with the way this scarf turned out!  I tried to knit this yarn into two other scarf patterns before I finally decided on this one.  Obviously the yarn isn’t the highest quality and the trouble was finding a pattern that made it look less so.  I tried the Men’s Cashmere Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and just wasn’t satisfied with that at all, so I tried a 3×3 rib but the edges looked so bad and without the possibility of blocking I soon gave up on that.  I think this is a nice alternative and the basketweave doesn’t look overly feminine which is really what I was trying to stay away from.



I just saw this cute purse over at Berroco:

It is the Brea Bag and I really think that it is going to be my first cabled project – which incidentally is one of my goals for 2007. I looked at the pattern and I really think that I can do it! I can ssk. I can k2tog. The only thing I will have to learn is the cabling part, and I read those instructions and they seem easy. What has taken me so long!

In the Berroco Newsletter, KnitBits, Brea was the suggested pattern for a woman who wanted to try hexagons and Norah Gaughan patterns but was a little nervous. Well, I’m always a little nervous, so I figured, why can’t it be recommended for me too!

There are so many colors of Ultra Alpaca that I think perhaps the hardest part will be choosing which one to use! I always like brown, but I am also drawn to Rose Spice and Cadet. I may have to swing by my LYS and see if they have any of this in stock. Choosing colors on the Internet can be pretty tricky. It’s always nice to see them in person when making your final selection.

Hello Miss Kitty

I’ve had this pattern for a while and thought it would be so cute to outfit my kitchen in many little HK dishcloths. This is one cloth that I just couldn’t use in the kitchen! She’s too cute to use on a dirty plate or counter!!! She deserves a non-dirty job for sure.

After blocking it is a fairly large cloth, so if one was inclined to do so, it would make a very cute wall hanging in a little girl’s room (or even a big girl’s room!). I also thought that if you had some comparable sized cloth patterns in coordinating designs you could make up a bunch and sew them up into a baby blanket. That would be very cute!

I got this pattern from Karen who has a friend that was nice enough to give it to her to give to me. I am not sure if the friend designed it but I’ve never seen it anywhere else online so I am betting that she did. I love it!

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be keeping this one. I am going to put it in the last package of the SP10 round and send it to my pal. I might consider making some more to have on hand for baby shower gifts but I have so many other projects going on! Who knows, I might even get around to making up a little baby blanket.


This pattern is for sale at Knitwits-Heaven.  You can find it on Animals Page 2 and it’s called “Miss Meow.”  I’ve had lots of folks comment and ask for where the pattern can be found, so I thought that it would just be easier to put this here! 🙂

An Early Start??

I’ve finally finished a Christmas gift. I joined the Holiday Headstart back in January thinking that it would motivate me to get my gifts finished early, but unfortunatly that has not been the case. However, in order to avoid a repeat of last year I picked up yarn and needles and finished a gift for my aunt.

This is the Sinful Ribbed Scarf (which is somehow oddly appropriate given that the intended recipient can be somewhat of a ‘pistol’ when she wants to be 😉 ) from the free patterns at Classic Elite Yarns. Even though I love my aunt, she is in no way getting a scarf made from 4 hanks of cashmere yarn (from me anyway- we don’t get that extravagant when it comes to gifts). Instead, I opted for the more affordable 2 hanks of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Sky. I think that it turned out very nicely even though I don’t think that it looks like the scarf in the pattern picture…

Here is an update of the stitch pattern:

I haven’t blocked the scarf, but I might be moved to do so once December rolls around. Although that will largely depend on how far behind I am on my chosen projects at that time.

In keeping with trying to get things finished close to on time, I have already started on another Christmas project, which is a scarf for my grandfather, Gene. I hope to be finished with it by the end of next week. Working on scarves can get pretty boring.

I Can’t Seem to Stop

I got my Jul/Aug 07 issue of Crochet Today in the mail yesterday. (This magazine actually gets delivered on time, unlike Interweave Knits!) I was pretty impressed with the pattern selection especially after I looked at the issue for a second time! I have great aspirations to knit and crochet mainly from my stash for the next couple of months since I am really trying to save money in addition to the fact that I just bought a new car and have never had a car payment before. I also want to get some Christmas gifts completed and for that I already have a lot of the yarn since I fell dramatically short of my goals for last year.

Here a few of the patterns that are in this month’s issue, and my favorites!

Doily Re-Do

I really love how they made these doilies super-sized and then hung them on the wall! This is something that I can totally see hanging in my apartment. One day when I am ready to doily I will try this.

Sunny Set

I was going to use one of the felted coin purses for my new camera case, but when I saw this sunglasses case I thought that it might be a better option. I can make it to the correct size easier since I am not having such luck with the felted coin purse. (I felted it, and it is really still very huge. Round Two?) I think that the little granny motif is a cute closure.

Sunbathing Bikini

This I wont make, but really, it is one of the nicer looking crocheted bikinis that I’ve seen. I really like the wrap top! Cute.

Easy Breezy Tote

This little bag calls for some Aunt Lydia yarn called “Beadies Crochet” which I have never heard of, but I figure I can find it online somewhere. This little bag just might be making an appearance again at Christmas time for some lucky individual. I really like it!

Mixed Motif Cami

This is another one of those patterns that I probably will never make, but I really like the look of it. I think that if were done in black and then the contrast color in natural that it would be even prettier! This might be a project that I could do when I am feeling brave.

Crossover Top

I like this litle top and think that it would look much better if they hadn’t put it on the model wearing that busy t-shirt! Ugh. So, aside from the t-shirt I think that this is really cute! I can see myself actually trying to make this one day as it looks like it would be very wearable and comfortable.

Ring Coasters

These are pretty cute. Would I ever make them? I am not sure. They are slightly retro, which I like and probably would make a cute gift. I am just wondering about their actual coastering abilities. I mean, water would still drip where you didn’t want it to, so what would be the point. Oh, well, I think they are cute regardless.

Coziest Throw

I really like this and probably wouldn’t change anything about it!   I love the color and the fringe and it really does look cozy!  I might just have to break down and get the yarn for this!!  The pattern calls for Moda Dea Metro and Moda Dea Spellbound for the fringe.  I am sure that I can find that discounted somewhere online.  I think Knitting Warehouse carries Moda Dea and they have usually good discounts on their yarns with $5.99 shipping.  ( I also really love this girl’s haircut, but the only time I ever had short hair was pretty much a disaster.)

Seashore Afghan

Love the colors in this one!   I’ve been following the Ripple-Along, so I wonder how long it will take for this one to pop up on there!  This definitely looks like it belongs at a beach house!

Bunny and Bear Rattles

These are so cute! They would make such cute baby shower gifts! I don’t know what I would use for the ring part since the pattern said they used the first ring of a Fisher Price stacking toy. I don’t really have lots of those just laying around so I would have to get creative and come up with something else.

Sweet Skully Sweater

For some reason I really like things with skulls on them, so naturally I was drawn to this. It is child sized so I probably won’t be making it for myself, but the chart is available and would be cute on a bag or some other accessory.

Also included in this issue is a really cute crochet dress, but the picture on the website is just of the top so I didn’t include it here with the other pattern pictures. There is also a really cute baby sweater and a sweet baby dress.  If you don’t get this magazine on subscription, I would definitely go out and get this issue when it hits the news-stand!

All Over the Place

I am going to have to say that Creative Knitting Magazine isn’t the best knitting mag out there but I do like their dishcloth patterns:

Checkered Strips Dishcloth (Sept. ’06 issue)

Yarn used is Sugar ‘n Cream Neptune and Sunshine.

Very easy and the pattern texture will probably be very nice for dishclothing.  However, they were pretty boring to make (although quick) and not very interesting to talk about.

Mock Cable Dishcloth (March ’07 issue)

Yarn used is Sugar ‘n Cream Swimming Pool (I think) and Hot Orange.

This was so easy and it looks like I did some cabling, which I guess I sort of did without having to use a cable needle.  I definitely want to do some real cabling now!

Speaking of which I found these 2 scarf patterns over at Berroco that are very cable heavy:  Sybellia and Alexi.  I am going to make my grandmother another scarf for Christmas this year so that she will have a better scarf than the one I made her when I was first starting out, 2 Christmases ago.  (Actually, several people are going to be getting ‘do-over’ scarves this year!)

Spring is in the Air Dishcloth (May ’07 issue)

Yarn used is Sugar ‘n Cream Hot Pink and Key Lime Pie.  (Key Lime Pie might actually be my favorite S ‘n C color!)

Since these are pretty large, I decided to put them in the bathroom to use as washcloths.  I really like this pattern but I hate to ssk!!!  Ah well, I guess the result is worth it.  I tried to do ssk a little differently so that I didn’t actually have to slip the 2 stitches off the first needle, b/c I was finding that to be a waste of time not to mention that it was making my left hand hurt.  I don’t know if it was affecting the way the stitches look or not so I just went back to doing it the normal, hand-cramping way.

I also bought some yarn recently for upcoming projects, although I am sure that it is going to be a little while before they get to see the light of day.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Colorway: Vera

My crappy photography really doesn’t do this yarn justice!  Oh I love it – now I know why people love to buy sock yarn so much!!  It is just wonderful and I really think that it will make such a pretty Boteh scarf!  I just hope that I can follow directions well enough to do the pattern correctly-thank goodness I learned about the error in the pattern beforehand.  For me, the stitches are not the problem (usually) so much as it is in the execution of the pattern…

Sea Silk, Colorway: Raspberry

Of course I love this – it is utterly pink!  If my Summer ’07 Interweave Knits will ever arrive I will probably make the Montego Bay Scarf.   Since I had to email the people at Interweave 2 times to get them to resend the Spring issue because I never got it either, things aren’t looking too hopeful.  All of my other knitting mags come and basically on time, so I am afraid that I am going to have to place the blame with the people at Interweave instead of with the post office this time.

Last but not least, my Secret Pal sent me a post card that I received on Saturday saying that she has a view of Mt. Rainier out of her crafting room window:

Can you imagine!?!  I have 3 windows in my whole apartment, and the views include that of a dumpster, a parking lot, and an air conditioning unit.  Needless to say, I am jealous!!!  🙂