UFOs to FOs

I had a little Veronica Mars marathon this weekend so I was able to sit down and complete some long outstanding UFOs.

Finally I am finished with all of the dishcloths that I will be sending to my friend, Amy.  These 2 are Dapper Dab from the Leisure Arts book, Color Splash Dishcloths and Sunflower from Garden Dishcloths to Knit, also by Leisure Arts.  They are knit in Rose Pink Sugar N Cream:

This was my first experience knitting a round dishcloth and it was so fun!  I love the way it turned out.  I am definitely going to have to make myself a few of these.  I think they would make lovely washcloths in white or cream.

I also finished the Moss Grid Handtowel from Mason Dixon Knitting that I’ve been working on since early July.  I used 1.5(ish) skeins of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread #3 (don’t remember the exact color name) and size 4 needles.

My wrists are definitely glad to see this one completed!  After blocking, it came out to be approximately 13″ x 21″ which I think is a very nice size for a hand towel.  My next hand towel project is going to be the Chevron Stripes Handtowel also from MDK, but it is going to be a little while before I am ready to take that on.  I do not see how people consistently knit on size 1 and 0 needles because I suffered on size 4s!

The Aunt Lydia’s is very soft, so I recommend it if you are wanting a more economical alternative to the Euroflax that is recommended in the book.  It’s not linen, but it’s not $18/hank either.

I consider this scarf to be my crowing achievement this weekend because I was beginning to feel that it would never be completed!!!  I told Jason that I WAS going to finish it or die trying.  Thankfully, I finished it!

I used the Mistake Rib pattern, size 7 needles and 1 – 7 oz. skein of Simply Soft in Black.  This took FOREVER!  I think it is because I have never really knit a scarf on needles too much smaller than 10.5 so I was really feeling the difference.  It is a nice, long scarf at 60 inches and so soft!  I used the majority of the Simply Soft skein and just threw away the rest!  (That is how sick of it I was.)  This is going to be a Christmas present.

Now my only question is what to start next!  I have a couple of long term projects going, but I need to get a few more Christmas gifts out of the way too.   I guess I could take the felted lunch bag for my aunt out of hibernation and give that a go, also I really need to work some on the cabled scarf for my grandmother!  This is the last year I am making everyone’s gifts!!!


For Future Reference

Our LYS here in town is going out of business and last week I bought several skeins of Classic Elite Miracle and Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton.  Luckily, in my pattern stalking I have found 2 adequate patterns at Prima where my new-found yarn will be suitable as substitutions.

V-Neck Top


I don’t know which yarn I will use for which, but I am leaning toward the Miracle for the V-Necked top and the Soho Summer for the shrug.  I think I have 9 balls of Soho Summer and 8 hanks of Miracle…not sure that will matter in my final decision making all that much.

I feel fortunate to have lucked up on these patterns.  Now I need to find something to make with those 8 hanks of Touche that I bought on vacation back in April.

More Dishcloths

Due to the incredibly oppressive heat that my state has been experiencing, I have been very unproductive in most aspects of my life.  This has been a huge contributor to my lack of FOs recently – though I have read several books…I am going to assume that holding a book emits less heat.

I have, however, finished up 2 more dishcloths for my friend, Amy.

Flower Dishcloth

This is from the leisure arts publication, Color Splash Dishcloths.  It’s real name is something stupid like Dapper Dab or Prim & Proper, I can’t remember which.  I am calling it , “Flower Dishcloth.”  I thought it was a unique idea, but I think the end result looks sloppy.  Maybe Amy won’t think the same thing.

Climbing Lattice Dishcloth

This cloth is from the Leisure Arts publication, Kitchen Bright Dishcloths.  I messed up on the border of this one due to not paying attention, but I think the overall result is acceptable. I got really tired of Seed Stitch by the end of this one.

Both of these cloths were knit with 1 skein of Sugar N Cream Tea Rose.

I hope to finish up something other WIPs thing week, but I make no promises.

Friendly Dishcloths, Part I

When I went to visit one of my high school friends in our state capital after she moved into a new townhouse earlier this summer, I went to help her shop for a few things b/c I am very good (and helpful!) when other people are spending money and ‘fancy’ up her place.  While I was there we hit up all the craft stores since Oxford hasn’t any, and she mentioned that she didn’t have any dishcloths and that she needed some.  Well, you know me!  That was all it took!

I bought 4 colors of yarn and told her that I would definitely make her some dishcloths, so I am finally making time to do just that.  I had a photoshoot outside this morning before coming to work.  I know my new neighbor, who was sitting in her car, thinks that I am CRAZY for being outside at 7:50 a.m. with a wet head taking pictures of dishcloths (of all things!) on my front steps.  Little does she know what these pictures would look like if I hadn’t been outside!  (That’s what really counts.)  I’ve learned my lesson.

These 2 cloths are made from 1 skein of Sugar n Cream Delft Blue using the patterns Alex’s Cloth and Kitchen Cotton Cloth.

These 2 cloths used just a little bit over 1 skein of Sugar N Cream Robins Egg Blue – which might just be my favorite SNC color of all time!!!  The patterns are the Honeycomb Dishcloth from the booklet Knit Dishcloth Sampler : 12 Nifty Stitch Patterns by Sandy Scoville and Bamboo Cloth Variation 1.  I really like the Bamboo stitch cloth, but it pulls so much at the border that it is very hard to block it back into shape.  I guess it doesn’t really matter so much for a dishcloth, but I’ll have to remember that if I want to use it for anything else and include a border.

This now concludes the first installment of Friendly Dishcloths.  Coming Soon:  2 more Sugar n Cream colors and 4 more dishcloth patterns.