Happy Halloween!!!


Birthday Delivery

I got to give my mother her birthday present this weekend.  I feel like I should say “finally” but that is due to the fact that I’ve had everything ready since September and her birthday was only last week!

I’d been wanting to make the bejeweled scarf for a while but never did.  I took her birthday as my opportunity and used 2 skeins of Classic Elite Classic Silk in the color 6920 that I got when my LYS was going out of business.

I made Mother a scarf when I first started knitting out of some crappy novelty yarn, so I thought I’d make her a ‘nice’ one now.  This turned out well despite the fact that I was not a such a huge fan of my yarn choice.  I’ve seen where a lot of people love it and that’s okay, I just kept thinking that it was going to snap in half at any moment.

I also made her a ‘whimsical’ gift to go along with her scarf.  My mother is always digging around in the bottom of her purse in search of a ratty tissue so when I saw this pattern in Ravelry I knew it was perfect for her.

I have no idea what yarn this is that I used as I bought it off of ebay about 2 years ago.  I think it’s soy or a soy blend, but that’s about it!  I found the button at Wal-Mart, so once again I am finding cute buttons there.  Go figure.

Luckily, she liked everything and the humor of the tissue cozy was not lost on her at all.  She found it to be most appropriate and immediately put it in her purse!

Oh Baby!

This past week I’ve been working on finishing up some baby items for a shower that was held last Saturday!  Oops!  Better late than never I guess. 🙂

Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat

For this hat, I used simply soft in off white and size #9 needles.  I’m a little concerned that it came out just a bit too large.  The pattern calls for #8s but I wanted it to be bigger than newborn in case the baby has a bigger head and so it could possible wear it all winter, but it appears something may have gotten lost in translation because it looks more child sized!   I guess if it is too big this year it can always be saved for next winter (or the next).

This was also my first time to do mattress stitch to sew up a side seam.  It does leave a nice invisible seam, but talk about NO FUN.  I am going to avoid using it whenever I can!  I would have worked this hat in the round but I wasn’t sure how to convert the stitch pattern and really didn’t want to take the time to learn.  😦  Regardless, I am glad that I got in a little bit of mattress stitching practice, even if I did find it to be a miserable task.  But you know I hate to sew!
Super Quick Baby Mitts 

These are super quick and super easy!  I knit them up last night (also in simply soft) while I watched a movie.  I didn’t make any modifications to these, except that I used the magic loop method so I could avoid having to sew a seam.  I love magic loop!

I am going to deliver these to their intended recipient this weekend along with the little booties I made a while back.  I hope the mommy-to-be likes them!

Dishcloth Diva

I’ve been up to my old tricks again and making some dishcloths, only this time I was prompted to do so by Jason’s sister, L.  She kindly asked me to make some for her MIL for Christmas and in return she is going to cook/bake me a tasty treat.  This seems to be a win-win situation since I like to make dishcloths, she likes to cook, and I like to eat what she cooks.

L requested an apple theme so I was lucky in that regard as I’ve made an apple dishcloth before and knew that such a pattern existed.  We chose cream yarn so that it would not fade and also match her kitchen.

I also took it upon myself to make some plainer cloths to accompany the apple cloths.  I used a pattern from my friend Stacie’s site called Grace’s Crocheted Dishcloth.  This pattern just happens to be the first dishcloth pattern that I ever crocheted back in the day!  It’s a super easy pattern that works up very quickly and  looks nice as well.

I’m finished with dishcloths for a while!  I am busily working on finishing up a baby shower gift and trying to get some Christmas gifts knocked out as well!!

Sometime next week I’ll be able to post about what I made my mother for her birthday, which just happens to be today!  Happy Birthday Mother!!!  We are going to celebrate this weekend with my favorite non-yarny past-time and her favorite past-time of all time, shopping. 🙂

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

While I was digging in my closet Saturday night looking for something that I seem to have temporarily misplaced/permanently lost, I came across a little piece of my knitting history…

This happens to be my first ever knitted piece in some fancy generic Wal-mart acrylic – this isn’t even Red Heart people! Ha ha. Oh well, I may not be knitting the most complicted things NOW, but at least if I have holes in my work I usually know how they got there!

My New Thing

Now that I’ve learned how to do Magic Loop Knitting I have branched out to the area of hats. This week I’ve made 2. One for Jason and one for me. 🙂

This is the Simplest Cap of All knit with about half a skein of Cascade Jewel. Jason has a big head so I kind of blocked the life out of it and now it fits! 🙂 Really though, I should have made it a little bit longer before starting the crown decreases. You live and learn I guess… but I was so worried that it wouldn’t go AROUND his head that I didn’t even think about that. It fits now and he likes it so I am happy. I’ve had this yarn for ages, and I did buy it with the intent of making him a hat. So about a year later, here it is. 🙂

This is the Republic Hat (should open a pdf) which I found while checking out all of the hat patterns on Ravelry. (It is so hard to take a flattering photo of oneself while wearing a hat that you are trying to photograph from the side!) Anyway, I LOVE THIS HAT!!! I used about 1.5 skeins of Rowan Little Big Wool in 503 Garnet and I found the button at JoAnn Fabrics last weekend in North Little Rock, AR.

I did have to modify the pattern to fit MY big head. I did the crown decreases like the pattern said to do at the 5 inch mark and once I was finished I tried it on before fastening it up. I am so glad I did b/c it didn’t even touch my ears! UGH. So I ripped back (another UGH), did another 1/2 – 3/4 inch more of stockinette, and then started the crown decreases. MUCH better!

A Great Swap

I lucked up and was able to make a trade with Stephanie for the My So Called Scarf that she made for herself a while back.

I sent her 2 dishcloths (The purple one is the cables and lace dishcloth from Creative Knitting Sept. 07 and blue one is Dapper Dab from Kitchen Bright Dishcloths):

And she sent me:

Sorry for the crappy picture b/c it DOES NOT do this scarf justice! I love it!! She expressed some distaste for it, I expressed a love for it, and the rest is history. 🙂

I’m also extra excited about the Sugar N Creams stripes cotton that she sent me! I can’t wait to test that out.

Thanks Stephanie! 🙂