Another Potholder!

I have been sick this week so any grand designs that I had to accomplish much have been thrown aside. I hate to be sick!!! I did go to the doctor on Monday and was glad to hear that I don’t have the flu, but I am still miserable and not sleeping well at all. It is a vicious cycle that is keeping me pretty grumpy.

In between unattractive coughing fits, which always cause me to recall a former co-worker, I have been able to make another potholder- and it’s a good one!!! The folded potholder that Michelle posted on her blog last week.

This pattern is a definite winner! It is fast, easy and the result is great.

For mine, I used practically an entire skein of Sugar ‘n Cream in Westport and a 4.0mm/G hook. It measures approximately 6.5″ square. (I think that this is a good size.) I think that my beginning chain was 35, but I can’t really stand behind that because I may or may not have lost count somewhere along the way. To fasten up the seam in the back I used a slip stitch (I didn’t take a picture), but it looks very neat.

I’ll definitely be making more of these and if I get to feeling froggy, I might just make up some with my immense cotton stash and put them away for gifts. I know I said that I wasn’t going to make everybody’s Christmas gifts this year, but a few potholders for everybody might be ok…I really liked this pattern!


3 Potholders

I’ve been somewhat in “potholder mode” this week as I’ve finished three and have two more that I am wanting to try…

My first attempt was the Thick & Chunky Potholder from Knit It! Felt It!. I used about half of a skein of Caron Felt-it in Wildflowers doubled to achieve the bulky weight yarn that the pattern calls for.

Before (Approx. 7.5″ x 9″)

After (Approx. 7″ x 7″)

My thoughts on this one are somewhat mixed. It is VERY QUICK since the needles used are size 15, yet the result is somewhat small and un-exciting. It’s also a bit thin, so I don’t know if I will burn my hands or not when I use it. (I will keep you updated on that.) However, I think that it would make an excellent gift if you were inclined to make a couple of them.

My second attempt was the Felted Potholder from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. For this one I used an entire skein of Caron Felt-it in Rose Garden, and a small bit of the Wildflowers for the crocheted border.

Before (Approx. 12.5” x 12.5″ – this is a guess, I forgot to measure!)

After (Approx. 10.5″ x 10.5″)

Unlike the 1st potholder, this one is huge!!! I really don’t know if I am going to like this one either. I did have my doubts about it when I was knitting because I couldn’t believe that 12.5″ was going to felt down to 8.5″ like the pattern instructions said they would. It didn’t.

This was done on size 10.5 needles and all in garter stitch. It is much more dense than the previous one, so that is a plus and if I were to make this one again I would just cast on fewer stitches and knit for fewer rows.

My third attempt is by far my favorite!! I would like to take credit for thinking of this, since it is a rather simplistic concept, but alas I cannot. The credit all goes to Mustaa Villaa – where I drew my inspiration. (A nice way to say, I copied what she did so wonderfully.)

Granny Square Potholder

I used up a bunch of bits and pieces of my stash of cotton. This was so much fun choosing the colors I was going to use and put next to each other.

The FO would benefit greatly from a block and pinning session, but I was so excited to finish it I wanted to take it’s picture as soon as possible. I was able to finish all of this today, but as I am feeling a bit poorly, it was not a fast project. I will however be completing more of these because I have loads of cotton left and I really do love the outcome!

I am still working on a few projects here and there but they are all pretty boring and don’t really warrant much discussion.  I am making J a grocery bag holder and trying to finish up the felted lunch bag.  Those are hopefully my next two FOs…the Blue Collar is taking a little hibernation until those are finished.

Conehead Baby Hat

On Friday I was able to finish this baby hat in a little over an hour:

It is really so cute – I love the little pointed top!!!  Too bad I don’t know any babies that would be willing to pose in this hat…the one that this is going to has not come out to meet us yet.

I used about .6 of a skein of GGH Goa and size 8 needles. The pattern has 2 sizes, preemie and newborn. I wanted it to be newborn size so since I was working with bulkier yarn than called for I used the preemie directions.  Originally I cast on with the newborn directions, but that looked big enough to fit me, so I thought maybe I should scale it back.  I am hoping that this came out about right as it measures approximately 6.5” across. Coupled with the fact that it is stretchy, I think it should be ok.

Over the weekend I also knit and felted a potholder, but I am working on another one so I will post about them at the same time. Two different patterns, so I’d like to be able to give an informed decision about which I think is the better of the two once they are both completed.

I have also resurrected a UFO, the felted lunch bag from Knit One, Felt Too, that I started back last summer! Nobody that has made one on Ravelry seems to be all that taken with theirs, so I am hoping to be the exception. I am about halfway finished with the body of the bag, so maybe by next week it will be felted and ready to debut. I don’t really know why I am continuing with this project since I don’t really know what I’ll do with it, but who knows, I might use it and love it!

I’ve also been pattern surfing and coming up with some other ways to whittle down my stash. I am having cast-on-itis, but that seems to be going around as I’ve seen MANY other bloggers refer to theirs.  I have got to finish up some things and then I’ll let myself talk about what is next! 🙂

FO: Multi-Directional Scarf

Yesterday I finished up the Multi-Directional Scarf during some free time. I really wanted to get this finished while it is still cold outside. With the random weather we’ve been having, who knows how long it will stay like this.

Today I had Maria take my picture:

Photographs in the artificial lighting of the office are not very flattering, so I told her to feel free to leave my face out as it wasn’t very important to the picture anyway! 🙂

This scarf is LONG!!! It measures approximately 5.5″ x 80″! I am really happy with it. I bought this yarn (ArtYarns Handpaint Stripe color 105, 2 skeins) when my LYS was going out of business for 50% off, and I’ve been saving it ever since for a project that would show off the lovely colors. I think this pattern is perfect!

I thought I might have enough left over to make myself a tissue holder like I made my mom for her birhtday, but that isn’t looking to be the case…

Very tiny amount left, so into the scrap yarn box it goes…

Last night I started the Blue Collar from Scarf Style and when I showed J the pattern he called it ‘homely’ so he’s NOT a fan. But I think it will be cute and useful for wearing over dresses with thin straps and camisole tops when showing all of that shoulder and skin might not be so appropriate – like church.

I’ve also started a ConeHead Baby Hat, a pattern I found on Ravelry. I’m using GGH Goa and size 8 needles. (Another LYS going out of business sale purchase) I’ll probably be able to finish this today, so maybe I can post about it early next week!

FO: ChiChi Tea Towel (Yarnplay at Home)

Last night I sat down with the intention of finishing the ChiChi Tea Towel and I did! Hooray!

Something random to think about: I don’t really watch much TV and I only get NBC at my house, but I did turn it on last night to be a distraction while I was knitting. (However I DO like Dancing with the Stars, Pushing Daisies and Monk. I will try to watch those when they are on.) HOW is it that I’ve probably only seen 1 episode of Law & Order: CI this past season and the one that was on last night was the one that I’d seen!?!

Back to the knitting:

This project took about 1.75 skeins of Peaches & Cream in Light Blue and then just a little bit of the contrast color, Ecru. I have lots of scraps of cotton yarn lying around, so I don’t really know how much of this I used. Maybe 20 – 30 yards.

After blocking it measures approximately 16″ x 21″ – a nice size for a tea towel I think!

Here it is in the bathroom:

I tried, unsuccessfully, to not get the toilet in the shot but there was just no way around it!

Up next I am going to try my hand at the Blue Collar in Scarf Style. I think this is something that I would enjoy wearing in the spring and summer months. The pattern calls for 4 balls of Berroco Glace, and wouldn’t you know it I only have 3, so I am going to substitute the evil Berroco Softwist from my grandmother’s failed scarf.

I am also going to try and finish up the MultiDirectional Scarf soon.  Maybe I will be able to post about that tomorrow or Monday.


Totally random blogging to follow…

Knitting : WIPs

I’m currently working on 2 projects. The MultiDirectional Scarf and the ChiChi Tea Towel from YarnPlay at Home.

For the MultiDirectional Scarf, I’m using ArtYarns HandPaint Stripe in the color 105. I love this yarn! (I am about halfway finished at this point.) I’ve been working on this at work when I have to wait for things to finish in the lab and on my breaks. It’s coming along very quickly though and isn’t as monotonous as some scarves can be!  I bought the yarn when my LYS was going out of business and have really been waiting for the right project to use it. I think this scarf is it!

This is the ChiChi Tea Towel. I am using some of my cotton stash for this project, 2 balls of Peaches & Cream in Light Blue. I really love this color. The pattern calls for a single crochet edging in a contrasting color, so I am trying to decide what I would like that to be. I am about 50% accomplished with this project.

Knitting : FO

Of course I have to throw in a couple of dishcloths!

This is the Sedge Stitch washcloth pattern from Lion Brand. I used Peaches & Cream in Raspberry Swirl and Sugar’n Cream in Rosewood. I will probably use these for hot pads because they are very thick.


I’ve started a new page for my 2008 book list. I am happy to say that I am all caught up on reading from The Cat Who… series. A new one comes out in April, so I will be awaiting that one. Although I will say that I thought the most recent book (The Cat Who had 60 Whiskers) was a little strange and not as good as some of the others…what in the world was up with Polly?!? Does anybody else read these?

I’ve just started reading the last book from Alice Sebold, The Almost Moon. I’ve read her 2 previous books, The Lovely Bones and Lucky , which are both wonderful, so I am hoping this one will be as good!

FO: Felted Diddy Bag

Over the weekend I was able to complete the Felted Diddy Bag from Berroco. This is such an easy project!!!

I used Caron Felt-It in Neon and a size L hook. I bought this yarn several months ago and only bought 1 skein so when I decided that I wanted to make this I knew I would need more. Unfortunately that meant that I would have 2 different dye-lots, but I didn’t get totally bent out of shape. I could tell the difference before I felted it, but afterward it’s not incredibly noticeable at all.

Here is a picture BEFORE:

At this point it was approximately 28” around x 9″ high. If you look closely, you can tell that the purples on the bottom are much darker than the purples on the top.

And here is AFTER:

The felting sort of muddled the colors so the dye-lot difference isn’t as apparent. Good thing! 🙂 After felting it is approximately 24″ around x 7″ high. I ran out of yarn so instead of doing 7 rounds after the handles I was only able to do 4, but I don’t anticipate that to be a problem.

I don’t know what I am going to use this for! I might keep my up-coming project patterns and yarn in it since they usually end up in a pile on the couch. This seems to be a tidier and more organized solution!

I have some more of this yarn, single skeins of course!, but I might consider getting another skein or so to make another one. I think my mom would like this since she is obsessed with baskets.

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