Mismatched FINISHED Socks

Well I was afraid that I would run out of the yarn that I was using for my practice socks, and turns out – I was right!

I did search halfheartedly for some of the same yarn, which is Bernat Cottontots in Easter Parade, but this must be a discontinued color as they did not even have a place for it at Hobby Lobby and I could only find 1 seller on Ebay (who was in Canada and charging $20 for shipping). So…I just pulled out some Bernat Cottontots in Strawberry and finished up the toe. Not beautiful but it gets the job done! Besides, these are only my practice socks!!!

I think that they will be just fine for hanging out around the house!


Sweet Baby Blanket

I love this blanket.

Tiramisu baby blanket pattern

Simply Soft in Soft Yellow, with Bernat Satin in Silk for border

Gifted to a new baby girl whose parents I went to Italy with back in 2002.

I had a hard time giving it away.

First Sock!

Back before I got married, I was hoping that I could make Jason a pair of socks to give to him on our wedding day with a ‘in case of cold feet’ note, but since I wanted to make a pair of practice socks first to make sure I knew what I was doing that meant that I was going to end up making 2 pairs. It would have been possible, but I just wasn’t up to it. Now that things that settled down more, I am able to concentrate more on my knitting and what I want to accomplish. Yea!

So, with much excitement, I present to you my first sock!!

I used the pattern from Knitwit’s Heaven, Alli’s Anklets since it called for some yarn that I already had in my stash, Bernat Cotton Tots. Since I hate to use DPNs, I did magic loop – which was not a ‘fiddly’ as I’d expected. So I am happy with my result!!! I now feel confident that I can make the pair I want for Jason – Knitty’s Thuja.

Now, this sock is a little big on me, and I did get gauge, so….I guess this means that my foot is a bit smaller than Alli’s! 🙂 I am hoping it will draw up some when I wash it. (If it draws up *too* much, I will just give it to my mother since her foot is one size down from mine. )

Here’s hoping that I don’t get 2nd sock syndrome!!!