Scarf Weather

Monday night the weather just turned COLD – fortunately for me I had just finished by new winter scarf the previous Saturday. While surfing Ravelry, I found the Opera Scarf pattern that someone had done in bulky yarn – SO CUTE! I had to follow suit.

I used 2 skeins of KnitPicks Swish Bulky in Marlin on size 13 needles. I think I ended up with a scarf that is just about perfect! Jason even told me that he liked his scarf better than the other ones that I’ve made, so I guess it passes the test. Incidentally, I LOVE THIS COLOR. Ironically, this is the exact color that I had hoped for when I ordered the KnitPicks Cadena in Neptune for my Juliet back in the Spring – it turned out to be more greenish blue than this one.

(I did not mean for my scarf and sweater to be matchy-matchy, but that is just how it ended up.)

Moving on to scarf #2:

This is the one that I’ve made for my grandmother for Christmas this year, previously referred to as the Devil Yarn Scarf.

For this scarf, I used the Cream of Spinach pattern and 2 skeins of Berroco Softwist. I really hate this yarn and do not recommend it at all. While it is soft and drapey, it made me want to throw every bit of it in the trash every time it split into about 100 different strands. But I persevered and finally it is finished! Thank goodness! I hope she will like it – I feel that it is more of a decorative scarf than one that is used for warmth, and I am not sure that my grandmother is a very decorative scarf type of a person.


Bernadette Bunny

I have been wanting to make this bunny for so long now, so I took the opportunity to do so while Jason was away this past weekend on a hiking trip. I love her!!!

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Almond – which I think is wonderful for crochet. I’ve used this yarn for a couple of other projects, one knitting and one crochet, but never for just single crochet and it was so smooth! I was really impressed. For her scarf, I thought that I’d give her a bit of luxury, so I used a small amount of Malabrigo in Molly that I had left over from several other projects as well.

I am definitely going to be making more of these, only I’ll have to give them away. Apparently my new hubby doesn’t like the idea of having more amigurumi in the house than people. 😦

Christmas is Coming

I am not going to be making very many Christmas gifts this year, but the few that I did decide on are starting to take shape.

Folded potholders for my mom’s 2 sisters in Sugar n Cream Sunshine, Peaches & Cream Fiesta Ombre, Sugar N Cream Hot Green(Picture 1), and Sugar N Cream Mistletoe, Pine, and Shades of Green (Picture 2).

I also restarted a scarf with the Devil Yarn, Berroco Softwist, for my grandmother. This is round 3 with this yarn and this pattern and I WILL PREVAIL. Stay tuned…

Suggestions Welcome

Apparently now that I’ve knit my footies I am feeling invincible and wanting to knit more socks. I have a limited amount of sock yarn currently, but I do have enough Koigu KPPPM to make 2 pairs of socks, as well as some Colinette Jitterbug, Patons Kroy, and some sock yarn I got in a Secret Pal swap. All is variegated except for the Kroy.

So…I am opening this blog up to suggestions!!! Please leave me some suggestions as to what a suitable 2nd sock choice for me should be. (Please note: Thuja is on the horizon for my beloved…)

Thank you all for your time and consideration. 🙂