The Year of the Cowl

Alright.  So I am not so big into cowls (because I don’t really ‘get’ them I guess)- but everybody else in the knitting community seems to like them so I am jumping on the bandwagon.

This is the Chickadee Cowl (free Ravelry download) that I made for my friend, Amy, for her birthday.  I used about 1/2 skein of Malabrigo in the colorway Little Lovely.  I like how this turned out a lot, but I think I look very uncomfortable wearing it.  This is the problem with me and cowls.  I think they are supposed to be on my neck like a turtleneck.

With my remaining 1/2 skein of Little Lovely, I am going to make myself a Scrunchable Hat.  I think Maria’s turned out so cute, I need one for myself.

WIP Count

I currently have 5 WIPs if you count Jason’s recycled grocery bag.

I am working on my 2nd pair of socks for 2009 – Broadripple, from Knitty.  I really like this pattern, so thanks to Andrea for suggesting it!!!  Also, I’m about halfway finished with a patchwork afghan WHICH I LOVE.  I can’t wait to get that finished and show it off.


I am really getting into some of the handspun yarns that are for sale on Etsy.  Please suggest to me some patterns for handspun yarn!!  I am getting about 145 yards of worsted weight and 176 yards of thick/thin DK-worsted weight.  Maybe a hat or a short scarf.  I need some suggestions!!!


Orange Is NOT My Color

Fortunately, this is not for me.

My SIL, Karen, bought this yarn, Plymouth Baby Brush Alpaca, at a Flea Market (I think) and asked me to make her a cowl.  After evaluating the yarn and looking at patterns, I sent her a few links and she decided on the Dolores Park Cowl.

I finished this back in December, but was able to get it to its intended recipient on Sunday thanks to my mother.  It’s cold so that is a good thing!

I had to make some modifications as I used size 11 needles.  This yarn is classified as a Bulky, but probably due to it’s hairy nature.  On 13s things would not have been pretty.  My row gauge was significantly smaller, so I had to do more rows to make up for this.

It’s not much to look at off, but I think it’s pretty cute on.  I don’t prefer yarns that are exceptionally hairy b/c some of it is always finding it’s way into my eye, but Karen likes it and I am glad!

I am still trying to decide if I like cowls or not.  I am working on one now for my friend, Amy, and I really do like it.  More on that when it is finished – which I hope will be soon, but seeing as how I’ve discovered Animal Crossing: City Folk am completely obsessed I can make no promises.  I need an intervention.

2009 Socks: #1

So, this is ‘sort of’ cheating, because I started these socks back in October 2008. BUT they are the first pair that I completed in 2009, so that has to count for something.

These are the Quill Lace socks from Knitty.

Unlike my first socks, these have an eye of partridge heel. They are also TOO BIG! Hopefully I have learned enough about basic sock construction to fix that for next time. The heel is way too long, which I can attribute to my row gauge – I know how to fix that now. And now I have more tiny needles to choose from.

These are knit on #3s with Bernat Softee Baby in Her Jeans Ombre (stash-buster). This is another practice set. I am finally ready for a ‘real’ pair of socks!!

I saw on Ravelry where a lot of the projects using this pattern did not use sport weight yarn – they used fingering and knit the pattern as is. They seemed to fit much better than mine. These are on par with loose fitting slipper socks. Which is fine with me, but I do hope to accomplish 1 pair of socks this year that I can actually wear with shoes. 🙂

This was also my first time doing Kitchener Stitch. Thanks to a youtube video, I think I did a magnificent job!

I wanted my next sock to be Impressionist Socks, since I love footies and I have some single skeins of Koigu. But it is toe-up – I’ve got to find a video for that, and it had to be magic loop. Therefore, I think my next pair will be Rainy Day Socks – also using sport weight yarn. I have some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a very pretty French Lavender. I guess I am going to have to break down and to a gauge swatch.

Mother’s Griffindor Beret

My poor mother has been waiting about 2 years for her Griffindor Scarf – I hope to have it ready for her by the time the 5th Harry movie comes out this November. But until then, she shall have this beret to keep her happy.

I found this pattern to be terrible confusing ONLY because important information was spread all over the place. I didn’t enjoy that. I also didn’t really enjoy using this FINE yarn- which is the one and only Red Heart. But it got the job done, and hopefully I’ll have enough of it left over to complete her desired scarf.

I have a hard time with these type hats, but I think she looks rather cute. She wore it to the Christmas gathering that we had with my in-laws (how weird does THAT sound) and looked rather sassy if I do say so myself.

(AND in case you’ve noticed something different about THIS mosaic, my wonderful husband has turned me on to the mosaic-wonderland that is Picasa. )

Sweetest Thing EVER!

More Christmas

**I am going to apologize in advance, but since I’ve discovered the Flickr Mosaic Maker, I am a little bit obsessed! I hope nobody gets too sick of seeing them!! :)**

Last year, I made the announcement that I was NOT going to be making Christmas gifts for everyone this year – FAMOUS LAST WORDS. Of course, people got knitting/crocheted items!! They just weren’t very big or time consuming. These gifts were given at Jason’s family’s Christmas gathering.

  1. For Jason’s oldest sister, I made the Mineco Market bag (which is a free download on Ravelry) and about 300 yards of Aunt Lydia’s Denim Quick that I had in my stash. What a great pattern!! It worked up very quickly and I think my yarn choice was a good, utilitarian one. It’s not beautiful, but it will get the job done! I’ll definitely be making more of these.
  2. For Jason’s mom, I made the Cherry Blossom dishcloths from Rhonda K. White’s Knitting Knonsense. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Burnt Sienna – about 1/2 skein for 2 cloths. I love making these round cloths, but after a while it does get rather monotonous and my seaming is not the greatest. I would consider it practice, except I don’t even try to do a good job sometimes…
  3. For Jason’s aunt, I made 2 Sassy Stripes dishcloths from the Leisure Arts booklet, Splash of Color. Aunt Jane is a butterfly lover, but I’ve just about exhausted all of the butterfly patterns, so this year I decided to go with a red, white and blue theme, since she was indeed, “born on the 4th of July.” She likes USA colors, so I thought this to be appropriate. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Red and Lion Brand Cotton in Americana.
  4. For Karen, I made 2 Eiffel Tower dishcloths. I’d intended to make these for her for a while. Finally they made their debut! Yarn used was Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Red. These cloths are SO SOFT. Definitely more face cloth quality than dishcloth I think.

So this ALMOST sums up all of the Christmas knitting that I’ve done and not yet blogged about. I still have to post about the Griffindor Beret that I made for my mother. I have a good picture of her wearing it, but it’s on a memory card somewhere and I have to locate that first.

Merry Christmas Key West

If I don’t start posting some of my Christmas gift projects, it’s going to be too late and irrelevant!  So here are the projects that I made to send to my dad and Debby down in Key West.

For Debby I made her a kitchen set using the Leisure Arts phamplet, Splash of Color, that I found at Hobby Lobby.

The patterns I used were the Tiled Dish Towel (Peaches & Cream Daisy Ombre), Dandy Dishcloth (Peaches & Cream White) and the Aztec Tiles Dishcloth (Sugar N Cream Yellow).  I thought this made a very cheerful looking set!!  Since they live in Key West, hats and scarves aren’t very practical, so I usually go with kitchen items.  Debby – feel free to make a request for next year! 🙂

For my dad, I decided to go with another Peanuts related pattern and when I saw this Snoopy amigurumi I knew I had to make it for him.

This is a really great pattern until you get to the feet and you are sort of on your own to figure things out.  I had to wing it – and thankfully things turned out ok.  I contacted the designer thru Ravelry, and she *told* me what she did, and that helped.  I wish I’d kept my notes as she asked me for them.  LOL.

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