Listening Enjoyment

This is my current favorite Flight of the Conchords song, so I felt compelled to share. Enjoy!!!

(sorry for the intro – I’m not really into the d-word myself.)



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

My Hubby’s Birthday

Today is my hubby’s birthday – he is not the 23 year old that I started dating anymore – he is 31!!!  Where did the time go!?!  (I’m not the 19 year old I was at that time either – I’m not sure which one is more disheartening!! :0)

So, in honor of his birthday I made him a new hat!  He likes to wear hats, which is nice since I like to make hats.

This is Thorpe from Through the Loops!.  Once I saw this one, I knew the one I made for Jason had to be handspun!  There I set out to find some handspun yarn that would be appropriate – and thus started a new obsession!!  The first yarn I bought was/is nice, but it has too much purple in it, so I’ll just have to use it for myself. 🙂  When I found this one on etsy, I knew it was perfect.  I ordered it from, and the color is Kona.  It’s a merino/silk blend and it was really wonderful to work with.  I LOVE 2-ply handspun now.  I’m obsessed.

For the crochet edging I used some Lion Brand Wool in Cocoa.

As far as modifications, I worked 7 garter ridges for the ear flaps instead of 11 – I didn’t check my gauge but I’m sure it was bigger and therefore I didn’t need to do as many rows.  It worked out perfectly because otherwise I would have run out of yarn.  (My skein contained 120 yds and I might have had 2 leftover.)  I also cut the yarn for the braids at 30″ instead of 40″.  Jason didn’t want them quite so long.

I really LOVE this hat.  I think it is so beautiful, as I love the colors of the yarn.  I also like that it’s different from all of the other hats I’ve made for him (ribbed of some sort).  I am still planning on making him a Koolhaas, but I’m going to let him bask in the glory of this hat for a while.

FO: Recycled Grocery Bag

Sunday night during the Super Bowl I took the opportunity to finish up Jason’s recycled grocery bag.  He finished up the stockinette portion back in December and I’d been dragging my feet about doing the rest.

Working with plastic bags is NOT fun!!

I really like the outcome of this bag.  It’s very cute, and I like that we were able to use something free that we already had around the house to make something that we will actually use.  We are curious about how strong the handles are and how much this bag will hold, but I got a comment on ravelry that said 8 library books.  Pretty strong!!

This is a really easy pattern.  We used size 15s throughout and didn’t switch to 17s b/c I don’t have any!  I’m not sure it made much of a difference because this is a very roomy bag!

Jason did a great job!  He only relinquished the finishing to me b/c he didn’t really want to take the time to purl for the seed stitch handles – I did teach him, he just wasn’t feeling it.  I can’t say that I blame him, as seed stitch in plastic wasn’t fun at all.

Maybe once we’ve amassed some more plastic bags (I think this one took about 60 or so) we can try another pattern.  There are some really cute crochet ones out there.