Recent Progress

This is my most recent FO, the Diagonal Comfort Blanket from Lion Brand.  You can find the pattern here, here, here and here because Lion Brand apparently thinks that some knitters are so stupid they have to the pattern written out for individual yarn colors.  Since I seem to be an ‘above-average’ knitter, I was able to complete this blanket in a color that the pattern did NOT call for.  Yeah – I’m a college graduate. (They’ve also given each pattern a different name.  Had I noticed that before I would have definitely chosen to go with the “Dansforth Ridges Blanket” instead of the boringly named “Diagonal Comfort Blanket”)

This baby blankie was meant to get me out of my knitting funk, and it accomplished JUST THAT I am happy to say.  I was able to use some of my stash (Lion Brand Cotton Ease (new) in Violet – 3.5 skeins) and produce a baby gift that will come in handy the next time I need one.  This picture is actually pretty true to the color of the blanket and I’ve considered adding a ribbon through the eyelets if I decide to gift it to a baby girl.  (Thanks to my friend, Amber, I now know where the not-by-the-yard ribbon is at our local Wal-mart – my only craft store.)

I was unable to take a very quality picture, since a.) we live in an apartment with inadequate lighting, b.) there is nowhere outside to take a good picture and c.) how do you take a good picture of a blanket anyway!?!  I’ve struggled with this in the past, but usually with a cuter blanket.  This one is in all honesty very plain.  I thought about adding a uni-sex ribbon to dress it up, but I don’t know how some daddy would feel having his boy wrapped up in a blanket with a ribbon tied through it.    Some men are just weird that way.


FO: Baby Sun Hat

When I saw this pattern I just knew that I had to make one for my friend that is due with her first baby in July.

Such a cute, quick, and easy pattern!!!  (I’ll be making it again!)  I knit the hat on Sunday afternoon/evening and finished up with the i-cord ties yesterday when I got home from work.  I made the 3 month size (and got gauge with size 6 needles -thanks Michelle!!!) and used almost an entire skein of Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Sunflower – about 9 yards are left.  This is such a cheerful color for a sun hat!!!

Since I don’t have a baby head at home to model knitwear, I bought a floral arrangement ball.  I thought it would work a little bit better – I was hoping to find a bigger ball actually.  This one is 10 in. in diameter which is smaller than a baby’s head (theoretically) so this hat sort of flops around on it, but at least you can get an idea of how it would look being worn instead of just laying flat.

Long Time, No Blog

I have been a terrible blogger lately, so I hope that there are still a few readers hanging in there with me. 🙂

Recently I have lost my knitting/crocheting ‘mo-jo’ (I really hate that word.) but I do have a few things I have yet to show off.

In the past month I’ve made a few market bags for various people, including myself!  I really love the Go Green Market bag, so I made 2 of those to give away.

I got a tad mixed up in the directions for the 2nd photo’s bag, so it is flared out.  It’s a market bag – I didn’t lose any sleep over it!  The first bag was made using Lion Brand Lion Cotton in Americana and Peaches & Cream White.  The second bag was made with Lily Sugar n Cream Key Lime Pie.  I think they both turned out very cute.  This is such a quick pattern and one that I really like.

For myself, I branched out and made the Knitty pattern, the Everlasting Bagstopper.  I’ve had some Lily Sugar n Cream Raspberry Swirls for a long time – bought off of ebay.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use that.

I really like this pattern as well.  I have not yet used this bag b/c I am not sure about the integrity of the straps.  I sewed them on, and I am not all that confident in my sewing abilities even though I did tug on them a few times and they seemed to stay put.  I just don’t know if they will hold up to a trip to the grocery store…I’ll test it out and report back.