Maria’s Birthday Beach Cloths

For Maria‘s birthday this year she got the Beach Cloths Set!  She loves to go to the beach, but doesn’t get to as often as she’d like (and let’s face it — Who does!?).  Now when she is doing dishes she can drift away to a tropical Oasis- LOL!

Colors Used:

Sailboat Cloth – Cornflower Blue
Seahorse Cloth – Tea Rose
Fish Cloth – Sunburst
Bikini Cloth – Rose
Palm Tree Cloth – Soft Teal
Pail & Shovel Cloth – Yellow
Sand Castle Cloth – Jute
Seashell Cloth – Ecru


New Addition

My knitting has all but come to a stop thanks to the addition of little Olive!

The ‘full magnitude’ of the choice is starting to hit me, and I have to admit I am a nervous wreck about being a puppy mother!!  Thank goodness I have Jason to help me and I’ll try and not turn this into a ‘puppy blog.’ 😉