FO 5/52: Scalloped Potholders

I have to say, this is one pattern that I am REALLY happy with!!  (If you are interested in making your own potholders, you can find the pattern HERE.)

Yarn used is Sugar N Cream confectionary colors in Cupcake, Cinnamon, and Pistachio.

I started out using a 4.0 mm for the Pistachio & Cinnamon potholder.  However, when I went to join them together and sc around the outside I quickly decided that for any subsequent potholders made, I would move up to a 4.5 mm hook.  I did this for the other 2 and while they are only marginally bigger, the fabric produced was much easier to work with – especially when working the FPDC.  My hands thanked me!

These definitely pass the “hot pan out of the oven” test as they are super thick, and I am dying over my color combinations! I LOVE THEM!!  Definitely turned out much better than expected.

You can expect to see this pattern again for gifts.  I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t benefit from a nice potholder!


Christmas in July

How is it already July!?!  Time is moving on, so that means MORE projects to announce! I am going to take a different approach this month, as I am labeling July ‘ Christmas in July’!  I am going to work diligently to get a lot of Christmas presents under my belt and out of the way so that when October, November, and December roll around I am not scrambling to get those last minute gifts accomplished.  Will it work?  We’ll see!!

Since I will be working on some items that can’t be shown on my blog until after they are gifted, what I am working on will be relatively secretive.  However, when I can post my FOs I definitely will!!

To keep everybody relatively satisfied until my next FO post, I will leave you with some Nine-Patch Dishcloths that I recently completed.

Even though these produce about 20 ends to weave in, they are quickly becoming my favorite dishcloth pattern!! Such a great way to use up those small bits and scraps of left over dishcloth cotton! Definitely recommended!!

FO 3/52: Emmaline!!!!

Well, I thought that it just could NOT be done, but in fact, I was wrong! I have knit a sweater THAT FITS!!!!

I have to admit that I am a little bit nervous about actually wearing it *somewhere* since I read so many stories about other sweaters that stretch out into an unrecognizable mess.  😦  Right now I am still living off of the high of actually completing something that didn’t end up in the garbage can!!

The only modifications I made are these, I had to knit for 3.5″ for the bodice instead of the 2″ the pattern called for.  I was a bit surprised by this actually b/c my chest is very short and thusly, I have cleavage when I wear a scoop neck t-shirt.  I am SO GLAD that I took the time to try the sweater on before just blindly following the pattern!!  Since I had to knit for an additional 1.5″ at the bodice, I only had to complete 12.5″ underneath the bodice to achieve the proper length.  I did this by only knitting 7 rounds during the last knit section, this section called for 12 rounds.

4 skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton was JUST enough to make the Small, leaving me a small amount of leftovers.

The only gripe I have about this knit is that the top is a little baggier than I would prefer and the back sort of puffs out when I stand up straight.  Fortunately, or not, I typically have horrible posture so this probably won’t factor into being an issue. 😉  The waist increases and decreases worked for me, but I can see where a lot wouldn’t like them.  I am pear shaped, therefore my waist is not typically a problem area for me.  I did, however, stop and try it on after the first set of decreases to make sure that it wasn’t going to be too tight.  It is definitely snug, but not **tight**.  I can see where if you carry any extra weight in your stomach you’d want to do something differently there.

I did not knit a gauge swatch for this pattern; instead I used my Anthropologie Inspired Capelet as my swatch and knew that with size 11 needles I was going to end up with a really LOOSE sweater.  Something I did not want.  I opted for the next size down, 10 1/2.  If those had been too tight, I was going to have to break down and order some 7.00 mm tips from KnitPicks.

Now that I’ve completed a successful sweater I really feel like a knitter! I am feeling much more confident and ready to take on other sweater and garment patterns!