Some Christmas Knitting

I have to admit that I did not do a lot of knitting for the holidays this past year – you are supposed to have more energy in your 2nd trimester (which I did) but that did not mean that I had any more FOCUS!!  Therefore, Christmas gifts hand knit by me, were few and far between!!  This dishtowel and 2 hot pad set was sent down to Debby in Key West – b/c really, they don’t exactly need hats and scarves down there!!

Dishtowel pattern is a free pattern from Lion Brand, Cottontail Dishtowel and the hot pads are ALSO a free pattern from Crochet Today! magazine, Your Nana’s Potholders.  These were all very satisfying projects that were finished quickly!!  The backs of the potholders worked up a little looser then I would have liked, thereby making them a little ‘puffy’ when they were attached together.  I would not use them as proper potholders for this reason, but they will make great hotpads!!

Yarn used: Bernat handicrafter cotton in Soft Yellow, Lily Sugar N Cream in Ecru and Soft Teal. 4.5 mm hook

More to come!



Easter Cloths

After I finished up my Anthropologie Inspired Capelet last week, I used my ‘free time’ before starting project #2 to finish up a WIP that was being ignored.  Since I did not get these finished in time to use them around Easter I did not stress myself on finishing them up quickly.  I was, however, ready for them to crossover from the land of WIP to the land of FO.  Each cloth is such a quick knit that I didn’t have to spend much time finishing up the 2 or 3 that remained.

Easter Cloths, design by Kris Knits…

I love going through my stash of cotton yarns and choosing the color for each cloth.  I always think that I want to use up the majority of my cotton and have a smaller stash, but then that would take away so many of my color options – and for some reason I *always* want to have a lot of cotton yarn to choose from.

For these cloths I used a size 4 needle (b/c my size 3 was occupied) and used Sugar N Cream in Rose Pink, Yellow, Hot Purple, Cream, Tea Rose, Hot Green, Robin’s Egg Blue and Soft Teal.

Maria’s Birthday Beach Cloths

For Maria‘s birthday this year she got the Beach Cloths Set!  She loves to go to the beach, but doesn’t get to as often as she’d like (and let’s face it — Who does!?).  Now when she is doing dishes she can drift away to a tropical Oasis- LOL!

Colors Used:

Sailboat Cloth – Cornflower Blue
Seahorse Cloth – Tea Rose
Fish Cloth – Sunburst
Bikini Cloth – Rose
Palm Tree Cloth – Soft Teal
Pail & Shovel Cloth – Yellow
Sand Castle Cloth – Jute
Seashell Cloth – Ecru

FO: School Cloths

I am getting a jump start on Christmas gifts this year, as I alluded to in one of my previous posts.  My mother’s side of the family is easy enough to knit for – she has 2 sisters and they both like to receive knit items.  This year it is going to be dishcloth sets.

For Tracy, a 1st Grade teacher, she is going to receive the School Cloths Set.

yarns used:

ABC – Peaches & Cream Light Blue (23 g)
123- Sugar N Cream Soft Teal (23 g)
Apple – Peaches & Cream Red (24 g)
Book – Sugar N Cream Hot Orange (23 g)
School Bus – Sugar N Cream Yellow (22 g)
Pencil – Sugar N Cream Jute (23 g)
Globe – Sugar N Cream Sage Green (24 g)
Scissors – Sugar N Cream Hot Purple (24 g)

These were so fun, and just like the halloween set, very quick!  I can complete 1 cloth in just over an hour, so it makes for great TV watching knitting.

I am really enjoying choosing the colors for each cloth and then seeing the completed sets.  I have already gotten started on the next set (fruit), for Mother’s youngest sister.  I do admit to being tired of working on dishcloths, but the instant gratification is a nice payback.

Getting Ready for Halloween

Every year I *want* to make some decorative dishcloths for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter and Christmas.  Usually I do not plan far enough in advance to actually get to use anything that I make for the intended holiday, but this year I am on top of things.  The first set I’ve finished is the Halloween Creepy Cloth set.  (I love all of Kristen’s patterns!  You’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the weeks to come.)

Yarns used were:

Frankenstein – Sugar n Cream Hot Green (24 g)
Pumpkin – Sugar n Cream Pumpkin (25 g)
Bat Cloth – Sugar n Cream Hot Purple (24 g)
Grave Cloth – Sugar n Cream Warm Brown (25 g)
Witch Cloth – Sugar n Cream Wine (24 g)
Ghostly Cloth – Peaches & Cream Ecru (26 g)

These were so fun and QUICK to make.  I used size 4 needles and got cloths that are approximately 6 1/2 ” x 7 “.   I really do prefer these smaller cloth sizes despite the fact that they will shrink up some in the dryer.  Huge cloths are just that, HUGE!  I ended up ripping out a bunch of the other dishcloths that I’ve made and never used to in order to make room for these cloths (and cloths to come) and have some more solid colors to choose from.  For whatever reason, my cotton yarn stash is full of variegated and ombre yarns!

Catching Up – Again

I have been such a bad blogger over the past few weeks, that it is time for the return of the Mosaic.  (Really, I didn’t plan this.  ha ha ha)  Blame it on Animal Crossing!!  Now that Michelle and I can play online together, we meet up everyday and the time just goes by so fast that before I know it any time for knitting is GONE!!  I am trying to do better about incorporating some knitting time, but Animal Crossing sure is fun! 😀

So, on to the good stuff!!!  I have completed a few projects, so I shall share them with you now.

1. I made this dishcloth for my Ravelry $10 Swap Partner.  This is a great group on ravelry that does a swap every month with a spending limit of $10.  February’s theme was Valentine’s Day, so I chose to make this cute Valentine dishcloth.

2. When I saw the Sweetheart Hat on Susan B. Anderson’s blog I just thought it was the cutest thing!! I started out making the 12-24 month size for a friend’s baby back in Corinth, but thanks to some gauge issues and me not checking them, this hat turned out the perfect size for Maria’s little darling.  I want to make more of these, but I guess I will wait until next year so they will be closer to Valentine’s Day.  I have my mind on bunny hats this time of year. 😀

3. & 4.  I have a friend here at work that is expecting her first baby in July, so that means that I get to experiment with all different sorts of baby items.  FUN FOR ME!!  I love the Fancy Crocheted Booties and y’all know that I love to make a dishcloth/washcloth (free Rav Download)!!  I am hoping to make her some more baby items once my current wave of baby hats for various babies subsides.  (Hopefully I’ll have something to post about there before the end of this month!)

5. & 6. These are holdovers from January, but I dove into my stash of Malabrigo to make a few things for myself.  The Scrunchable Hat (free Rav Download) – which is a really great hat! and the It Ain’t Plain, Jane neckwarmer.  I love malabrigo!!  This month is Malabrigo March so I’ll have to see what I can do about that……

I have a TON of stuff that I want to accomplish.  I am already thinking about Christmas items and feel pretty sure that I know what I am going to make for several people already.  I also organized a preemie hat/blanket knit-a-long in the Ole Miss Knits group on Ravelry, which will be coming to an end this month.  I’ll do one big post about that at the end.  Preemie hats are so fun and quick!!

More Christmas

**I am going to apologize in advance, but since I’ve discovered the Flickr Mosaic Maker, I am a little bit obsessed! I hope nobody gets too sick of seeing them!! :)**

Last year, I made the announcement that I was NOT going to be making Christmas gifts for everyone this year – FAMOUS LAST WORDS. Of course, people got knitting/crocheted items!! They just weren’t very big or time consuming. These gifts were given at Jason’s family’s Christmas gathering.

  1. For Jason’s oldest sister, I made the Mineco Market bag (which is a free download on Ravelry) and about 300 yards of Aunt Lydia’s Denim Quick that I had in my stash. What a great pattern!! It worked up very quickly and I think my yarn choice was a good, utilitarian one. It’s not beautiful, but it will get the job done! I’ll definitely be making more of these.
  2. For Jason’s mom, I made the Cherry Blossom dishcloths from Rhonda K. White’s Knitting Knonsense. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Burnt Sienna – about 1/2 skein for 2 cloths. I love making these round cloths, but after a while it does get rather monotonous and my seaming is not the greatest. I would consider it practice, except I don’t even try to do a good job sometimes…
  3. For Jason’s aunt, I made 2 Sassy Stripes dishcloths from the Leisure Arts booklet, Splash of Color. Aunt Jane is a butterfly lover, but I’ve just about exhausted all of the butterfly patterns, so this year I decided to go with a red, white and blue theme, since she was indeed, “born on the 4th of July.” She likes USA colors, so I thought this to be appropriate. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Red and Lion Brand Cotton in Americana.
  4. For Karen, I made 2 Eiffel Tower dishcloths. I’d intended to make these for her for a while. Finally they made their debut! Yarn used was Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in Red. These cloths are SO SOFT. Definitely more face cloth quality than dishcloth I think.

So this ALMOST sums up all of the Christmas knitting that I’ve done and not yet blogged about. I still have to post about the Griffindor Beret that I made for my mother. I have a good picture of her wearing it, but it’s on a memory card somewhere and I have to locate that first.

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