Some Christmas Knitting

I have to admit that I did not do a lot of knitting for the holidays this past year – you are supposed to have more energy in your 2nd trimester (which I did) but that did not mean that I had any more FOCUS!!  Therefore, Christmas gifts hand knit by me, were few and far between!!  This dishtowel and 2 hot pad set was sent down to Debby in Key West – b/c really, they don’t exactly need hats and scarves down there!!

Dishtowel pattern is a free pattern from Lion Brand, Cottontail Dishtowel and the hot pads are ALSO a free pattern from Crochet Today! magazine, Your Nana’s Potholders.  These were all very satisfying projects that were finished quickly!!  The backs of the potholders worked up a little looser then I would have liked, thereby making them a little ‘puffy’ when they were attached together.  I would not use them as proper potholders for this reason, but they will make great hotpads!!

Yarn used: Bernat handicrafter cotton in Soft Yellow, Lily Sugar N Cream in Ecru and Soft Teal. 4.5 mm hook

More to come!



FO 5/52: Scalloped Potholders

I have to say, this is one pattern that I am REALLY happy with!!  (If you are interested in making your own potholders, you can find the pattern HERE.)

Yarn used is Sugar N Cream confectionary colors in Cupcake, Cinnamon, and Pistachio.

I started out using a 4.0 mm for the Pistachio & Cinnamon potholder.  However, when I went to join them together and sc around the outside I quickly decided that for any subsequent potholders made, I would move up to a 4.5 mm hook.  I did this for the other 2 and while they are only marginally bigger, the fabric produced was much easier to work with – especially when working the FPDC.  My hands thanked me!

These definitely pass the “hot pan out of the oven” test as they are super thick, and I am dying over my color combinations! I LOVE THEM!!  Definitely turned out much better than expected.

You can expect to see this pattern again for gifts.  I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t benefit from a nice potholder!

Ramblings & FO: Anne

I have not fallen off of the face of the blogging world! I am back!!  Since most of my activities seem to come (and go)  in spurts, my knitting/crocheting has gone by the wayside lately – I’ve been reading on several of my book series and just not keeping up with crafting.  Thankfully, the weather is *threatening* to cool down and I have a somewhat renewed spirit for my yarn.

With that being said, I have several upcoming projects, some seasonal and some not.  I am knitting very limited Christmas gifts this year.  Some people are just easier to knit for than they are to buy for, so those few will receive a knitted gift (read: dishcloths).

My only recent FO is this scarf, Anne, using some hand-spun yarn that I purchased from a seller on Etsy. When I saw this pattern, I knew that it was perfect for this yarn.

I started this scarf before Jason and I went to Seattle thinking it would be good for working on during the flights.  The pattern is super easy and very straight forward.  I am (always) nervous when I try new things, but this proved to be much easier than I had anticipated.  I did not, however, work on it very much at all.  Maria and I have started reading all of the Danielle Steel books from the beginning so I will admit to doing more reading than crocheting.  Thusly, that is why it took me so long to finish – from July 17 to August 16.

If anyone is interested in my thoughts and opinions about Danielle Steel’s earliest novels, feel free to ask in the comments and I will get back to you.  I would hate to ruin her good name simply due to her earliest efforts. 😉

HOT HOT Summer

It is HOT here in northwest MS —— that usually means that my productivity level hovers around ‘zilch’ but I am trying to combat my general summer laziness.  When it is too hot to breathe, it’s too hot.

One of my latest projects is this Go Green Market Bag that I made for my friend Amber.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that I have a lot of Sugar N Cream cotton yarn.  I am making strides to use some of it – This bag used about 1.5 skeins of Hot Lime and .5 skein of Summer Splash.  This is my favorite market bag to crochet BUT I have to admit that at this point, after 4 of them, I am tired of it.  So, I am retiring this pattern for a while.  I’m sure it will make a comeback.

Babies on the Brain

I guess you could say that I have babies on the brain since I am doing so much baby knitting and crocheting lately!! I guess I am just *lucky* enough to know a lot of people having babies!  My most recent baby FO is the Summer Stripes Baby Afghan from Lion Brand.

I found this to be a very enjoyable project!!  I chose the pattern because 1) I already had the Vanna’s Choice in my stash – please note my unique color combinations 😉 and  2) I really love the border!!  I think that is my favorite thing about crocheting baby blankets – the frilly borders that they all have!!!  Love them.

My crocheting gauge is usually much smaller than called for, and this time is no different really.  The pattern called for finished measurments of 29.5″ x 37″ and mine ended up 30″ x 34.5″.  Close enough.

I used 5 skeins of Vanna’s Choice, all with varying amounts of leftover yardage: Beige, Rose, Dusty Purple, Dusty Green and Silver Blue.  All from my stash!  YAY!!!  (I consider the Beige to be all ‘used up’ since it only had about 10 yards left.)

This was gifted to my work friend, Dabney, who only has 1 month until her little princess arrives!!

Tiramisu, the Third

Since this is such an adorable pattern, I have now made it THREE times!!!

This particular blanket was a request and I was happy to comply as best I could.  This was my first time crocheting with Bernat Baby Coordinates and it was a bit of a challenge starting out.  Not my favorite, but a very soft finished product!!  I love this color combo : Baby Pink & White.

It’s already been tested out and given a lamb’s stamp of approval…

What, I ask, is cuter (or better) than that?

FO: Baby Sun Hat

When I saw this pattern I just knew that I had to make one for my friend that is due with her first baby in July.

Such a cute, quick, and easy pattern!!!  (I’ll be making it again!)  I knit the hat on Sunday afternoon/evening and finished up with the i-cord ties yesterday when I got home from work.  I made the 3 month size (and got gauge with size 6 needles -thanks Michelle!!!) and used almost an entire skein of Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Sunflower – about 9 yards are left.  This is such a cheerful color for a sun hat!!!

Since I don’t have a baby head at home to model knitwear, I bought a floral arrangement ball.  I thought it would work a little bit better – I was hoping to find a bigger ball actually.  This one is 10 in. in diameter which is smaller than a baby’s head (theoretically) so this hat sort of flops around on it, but at least you can get an idea of how it would look being worn instead of just laying flat.

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