Some Christmas Knitting

I have to admit that I did not do a lot of knitting for the holidays this past year – you are supposed to have more energy in your 2nd trimester (which I did) but that did not mean that I had any more FOCUS!!  Therefore, Christmas gifts hand knit by me, were few and far between!!  This dishtowel and 2 hot pad set was sent down to Debby in Key West – b/c really, they don’t exactly need hats and scarves down there!!

Dishtowel pattern is a free pattern from Lion Brand, Cottontail Dishtowel and the hot pads are ALSO a free pattern from Crochet Today! magazine, Your Nana’s Potholders.  These were all very satisfying projects that were finished quickly!!  The backs of the potholders worked up a little looser then I would have liked, thereby making them a little ‘puffy’ when they were attached together.  I would not use them as proper potholders for this reason, but they will make great hotpads!!

Yarn used: Bernat handicrafter cotton in Soft Yellow, Lily Sugar N Cream in Ecru and Soft Teal. 4.5 mm hook

More to come!



Baby Bear goes to her new home

It’s always nice to give someone a knitted gift that they really appreciate!

FO 6/52: Baby Bear

I **finally** have a finished object to show off.  I cannot even begin to tell you how behind I have gotten! 😦  Happily, this is a Christmas gift that I can get crossed off of my list AND blog about.  This cute little bear is going to be for my new little cousin, Addy, who was born this past February.

The pattern is from the book, Itty – Bitty Toys, and I used just a little over 1/2 skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Happy Valley.  Since my gauge is SO LOOSE, I used 2.5 mm needles – I always have a problem with my knit toys being so stretchy and therefore hard to stuff, so I really have to go down a couple of needle sizes from what most patterns recommend.

This was a relatively quick knit until I got to the feet – so fiddly and boring!!  The legs and feet are worked in 2 pieces and then the foot is sewn onto the leg.  It ends up with a cute result, but not very fun to actually perform.  I kept on putting off finishing it up, but I finally bit the bullet, and just did it!!  I have so few FOs to show off right now, it felt good to actually finish something even if I didn’t not enjoy the final finishing process!!

I am still plugging away on all of my weekly projects (I started #13 on Saturday) – still currently working on a lot of stuff that I can’t blog about until things are given to the intended recipient, but quite frankly, I’d have to finish something before I could do either…

Easter Cloths

After I finished up my Anthropologie Inspired Capelet last week, I used my ‘free time’ before starting project #2 to finish up a WIP that was being ignored.  Since I did not get these finished in time to use them around Easter I did not stress myself on finishing them up quickly.  I was, however, ready for them to crossover from the land of WIP to the land of FO.  Each cloth is such a quick knit that I didn’t have to spend much time finishing up the 2 or 3 that remained.

Easter Cloths, design by Kris Knits…

I love going through my stash of cotton yarns and choosing the color for each cloth.  I always think that I want to use up the majority of my cotton and have a smaller stash, but then that would take away so many of my color options – and for some reason I *always* want to have a lot of cotton yarn to choose from.

For these cloths I used a size 4 needle (b/c my size 3 was occupied) and used Sugar N Cream in Rose Pink, Yellow, Hot Purple, Cream, Tea Rose, Hot Green, Robin’s Egg Blue and Soft Teal.

Christmas Morn 2009

While all of the other knit bloggers are doing their year end/Happy New Year reviews, I am still firmly planted in 2009!!!  I will get caught up eventually! 🙂

For Christmas this year I really had to scale back on what I could knit for gifts.  Every year previous to this one, almost everybody on both sides of the family got a knitted gift from me.  It would almost kill me trying to get everything finished so this year I just decided that I WAS NOT going to do that this year…It made for a much less stressful time!

Naturally, my mother is one of the few that ‘made the cut’ – so she was the lucky recipient of her much desired “Harry Potter Scarf” and some cabled footie socks from the book One Skein.

For the slipper socks I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Lilac from my stash and size 5 needles.  For me, these socks were a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!!  I have learned this year that my gauge is horribly loose so I am a bit unsure if I will ever be able to knit a normal pair of socks with sock yarn,  but I am a bit more confident that I can make a pair of socks that FIT with heavier yarn.  These socks fit great and I was really thrilled.  Jason was so impressed with them that he is actually wanting a pair! 🙂

The most anticipated knit item of the year was the gift that I am pretty sure she’d given up on ever getting- her Harry Potter scarf!!!

I had put off knitting this FOR SO LONG (about 4 years!), but once I started it I realized that it wasn’t so bad.  It only took me about 1 week of dutifully knitting on it!  And thanks to my pal, Maria, I had a handy-dandy pompom tree to help with the fringe!!

I chose to use sport weight yarn for this scarf – don’t ask me why!!-so it was knit in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in the colors Sunburst Gold and Burgundy.  I used size 5 needles on this project as well.  To make up for my smaller gauge, I knit 27 rounds per color block instead of 22.

I don’t have a picture of Mother opening her scarf b/c I am notoriously BAD about surprises and I ended up giving her this early on Christmas Eve.  But she loved it and wore it on Christmas Day.

Basil, The Monster

I have so much to share!!  I have been a really way-ward blogger in 2009 – so maybe my 2010 resolution should be to not neglect my blog so much! 😉  I will try and do better about staying up to date b/c I have been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting!  Of course I have several projects to share that were secret for Christmas, but before I get to those I am going to share the ‘special’ project that I made for Jason’s student worker,Jennifer’s, graduation gift!

I used the pattern, Penelope the Empathetic Monster and I definitely recommend it!! In fact, I liked the finished product so well, I am going to have to make one for myself!  Even Lamby was impressed! 🙂

Since I have become such an incredibly LOOSE knitter in the recent past, I used size 4 needles in order to get a dense fabric with the Vanna’s Choice yarn (stash yarn).  Colors used are Dusty Blue and Dusty Green – a combo I thought looked pretty good!!

Jennifer named her monster, Basil, and you can read about Basil’s adventures here!  I was so excited to see that Jennifer loved Basil so much that she created a blog!  This is definitely one pattern/Finished object that was a PERFECT FIT for the recipient!!

FO: School Cloths

I am getting a jump start on Christmas gifts this year, as I alluded to in one of my previous posts.  My mother’s side of the family is easy enough to knit for – she has 2 sisters and they both like to receive knit items.  This year it is going to be dishcloth sets.

For Tracy, a 1st Grade teacher, she is going to receive the School Cloths Set.

yarns used:

ABC – Peaches & Cream Light Blue (23 g)
123- Sugar N Cream Soft Teal (23 g)
Apple – Peaches & Cream Red (24 g)
Book – Sugar N Cream Hot Orange (23 g)
School Bus – Sugar N Cream Yellow (22 g)
Pencil – Sugar N Cream Jute (23 g)
Globe – Sugar N Cream Sage Green (24 g)
Scissors – Sugar N Cream Hot Purple (24 g)

These were so fun, and just like the halloween set, very quick!  I can complete 1 cloth in just over an hour, so it makes for great TV watching knitting.

I am really enjoying choosing the colors for each cloth and then seeing the completed sets.  I have already gotten started on the next set (fruit), for Mother’s youngest sister.  I do admit to being tired of working on dishcloths, but the instant gratification is a nice payback.

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