FO 3/52: Emmaline!!!!

Well, I thought that it just could NOT be done, but in fact, I was wrong! I have knit a sweater THAT FITS!!!!

I have to admit that I am a little bit nervous about actually wearing it *somewhere* since I read so many stories about other sweaters that stretch out into an unrecognizable mess.  😦  Right now I am still living off of the high of actually completing something that didn’t end up in the garbage can!!

The only modifications I made are these, I had to knit for 3.5″ for the bodice instead of the 2″ the pattern called for.  I was a bit surprised by this actually b/c my chest is very short and thusly, I have cleavage when I wear a scoop neck t-shirt.  I am SO GLAD that I took the time to try the sweater on before just blindly following the pattern!!  Since I had to knit for an additional 1.5″ at the bodice, I only had to complete 12.5″ underneath the bodice to achieve the proper length.  I did this by only knitting 7 rounds during the last knit section, this section called for 12 rounds.

4 skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton was JUST enough to make the Small, leaving me a small amount of leftovers.

The only gripe I have about this knit is that the top is a little baggier than I would prefer and the back sort of puffs out when I stand up straight.  Fortunately, or not, I typically have horrible posture so this probably won’t factor into being an issue. 😉  The waist increases and decreases worked for me, but I can see where a lot wouldn’t like them.  I am pear shaped, therefore my waist is not typically a problem area for me.  I did, however, stop and try it on after the first set of decreases to make sure that it wasn’t going to be too tight.  It is definitely snug, but not **tight**.  I can see where if you carry any extra weight in your stomach you’d want to do something differently there.

I did not knit a gauge swatch for this pattern; instead I used my Anthropologie Inspired Capelet as my swatch and knew that with size 11 needles I was going to end up with a really LOOSE sweater.  Something I did not want.  I opted for the next size down, 10 1/2.  If those had been too tight, I was going to have to break down and order some 7.00 mm tips from KnitPicks.

Now that I’ve completed a successful sweater I really feel like a knitter! I am feeling much more confident and ready to take on other sweater and garment patterns!


52in52weeks: Week 5

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to announce ANOTHER week’s project!!

This week, the focus is going to be on potholders!  Since we’ve just moved into a new house, I have been wanting to make lots of household things – potholders being one of them.  Our current potholders are ugly and ragged, to say the least, so I am hoping to make 3 potholders using the Scalloped potholder pattern.  I am ready for some new, cute potholders!!

***Emmaline is finished! Check back later this week for details on that project.  It’s definitely a winner! 😀

FO 2/52: A New Sock Monkey

I have been VERY busy over the last week and I have a lot of stuff to show off this week!! I meant to post about Week 2’s project before now, but it just didn’t work out that I was able, so I am here now!  This is a 2-for-1 post.

Before I got so organized doing 52in52weeks I was waffling around all over the place!!  I had been wanting to make a couple of stuffies for 2 little girls I know, but could not decide on a good pattern for the oldest girl.  Finally I did  – A New Sock Monkey from Itty Bitty Toys.  I had already chosen (and made) a pattern from that book, Wrap Me Up Puppies, for her sister.

For the monkey, the pattern calls for fingering weight self-striping yarn.  I only have 1 skein of self striping yarn, which is fingering, but my gauge is also so much looser so I decided to order some Felici Self Striping Sport from Knit Picks and try it out for this pattern.  I really loved it!!

I went with the color, Garden Gate.  I am pretty sure there aren’t any monkeys out there in nature sporting this color scheme, but for a little 3 year old girl, I think it works out just fine!  I used 3 mm needles and ended up with a monkey that is about 7.5″ when seated.  I was hoping that I would be able to make 2 monkeys from this 1 skein, however I ended up using  about 2/3 it.  What will I do with the remaining??  I guess that is a question for another day!!

For the baby sister that loves Puppy Dogs, I opted for the Wrap Me Up Puppies.

For this project I used Bernat Satin Solids in Camel – leftover in my stash from the throw that I made my grandmother ages ago- for the puppy, and a combination of Hobby Lobby I love this Cotton in Aqua and Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Sunflower for the blanket.  Another good use of stash yarn!!

Both patterns are super easy, the monkey is a little bit fiddly when working on the arms/hands/thumb, but nothing unmanageable.

Monkey and Puppy all ready to go to their new home!!!

52in52weeks Update: Week 4

Since I was very busy last week working to complete the last Mother’s Day scarf, I did not get a lot of extra time to work on Emmaline.  I have completed the pattern through the two eyelet rows and am close to being able to separate and work on the sleeves – I thought about taking a picture to show off my progress, but there isn’t much to see other than a jumbled up mess!!

I was also able to squeeze in a quick hour to finish up week two’s project, A New Sock Monkey, from Itty Bitty Toys.  I will have a post dedicated to that project later this week, so stay tuned!

This week’s project is one that I am pretty excited about: Annette by Dawn Toussaint.  This pattern is beautiful and I only hope that I can do it justice in some way.   I’ll also get to whip out my sewing machine for this project and showcase my utter LACK of sewing skills – should be interesting!!  Can’t wait to get started on this one!

Mother’s Day 2010

I thought it would be a good idea to knit Mother’s Day gifts this year so I chose a scarf pattern for each of the mothers that I was going to knit for, mine and Jason’s.  Finally they are both finished and with their intended recipients!!

I DID start them in plenty of time to be able  to give them ON time, however we moved into our house at the end of April and my knitting time suffered greatly – my mother recieved her scarf on Memorial Day weekend and Jason’s mother received her scarf on Father’s Day weekend – the next time that I saw each mother, respectively.

For my mother, I chose the Koigu Ruffle Scarf (Rav Link).  I have never had to cast on so many stitches before in my life!! There was also an unfortunate incident that resulted in the deaths of about 8 stitch markers. 😦  A very sad tale.

For this scarf, I used approximately 1 3/4 skeins of Koigu KPPPM color P431 – I enjoyed this knit and if you like ruffles you will love this finished piece!! VERY ruffly!!

For Jason’s mom I dove into my stash and found 1 skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in colors that I thought she’d like for the Drop Stitch Scarf.  The skein I chose is Gold Hill.

This is a GREAT scarf for 1 random skein of sock yarn b/c it looks complicated but isn’t!!  A good blocking really helped to make this a good sized scarf.  (Sorry, but I forgot to measure!!)

Tomorrow I will be back with my 52in52weeks update and newest project!!  These weeks are coming up on me fast!!

Week 3 Already!?!

Even though my week 2 project, A New Sock Monkey, isn’t *quite* finished up just yet, it’s time to move on to week three’s project: Emmaline!  I am excited to start this project and hoping that I will end up with something else that I can wear – not another failure that will end up in the county landfill.  😦

I am going to be knitting the Small, using 10.5 needles and 4 skeins of Nature Cotton.  This might work, it might not.  My bust is 38″ around and the Small measurement is for 36.75 – I like negative ease, so hopefully using the smaller needles (I don’t have any 7.0 mm needles anyway, and 8.0 mm gives too loose a fabric) I will get the fit that I want.  If not,  I will rip back, order some needles and start again!  My new motto — It’s only yarn!!!

Stay tuned, together we shall see what happens!! (Also, I hope to be back soon with week 2’s finished project – A New sock monkey!!)

Easter Cloths

After I finished up my Anthropologie Inspired Capelet last week, I used my ‘free time’ before starting project #2 to finish up a WIP that was being ignored.  Since I did not get these finished in time to use them around Easter I did not stress myself on finishing them up quickly.  I was, however, ready for them to crossover from the land of WIP to the land of FO.  Each cloth is such a quick knit that I didn’t have to spend much time finishing up the 2 or 3 that remained.

Easter Cloths, design by Kris Knits…

I love going through my stash of cotton yarns and choosing the color for each cloth.  I always think that I want to use up the majority of my cotton and have a smaller stash, but then that would take away so many of my color options – and for some reason I *always* want to have a lot of cotton yarn to choose from.

For these cloths I used a size 4 needle (b/c my size 3 was occupied) and used Sugar N Cream in Rose Pink, Yellow, Hot Purple, Cream, Tea Rose, Hot Green, Robin’s Egg Blue and Soft Teal.

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