Preemie Hats

Over the past few months I have been using some stash yarn to make some preemie hats to donate to the children’s hospital located Jackson.  I have involved our local knit group and the deadline for collection is the end of the month.  I had hoped to make a LOT of hats, but making hat after hat gets old, so I’ve lost some of my initial steam over the past few weeks.  Thank goodness I started out strong!

Patterns used are :  1. preemie eyelet cap, 2. conehead baby hat, 3. noedel, 4. miracle preemie hat, 5. mock rib & eyelet preemie hat, and 6. Lace Edged preemie hat.

I have really been able to serve 3 purposes with this endeavor – giving to charity, using up stash yarns and trying out new patterns!  I used a variety of yarns for these hats – Caron Simply Soft, Bernat Satin Solids, Bernat Softee Baby, and some very random hobby lobby “yarn bee” yarn that I had in my stash from YEARS ago.  It was nice to get that used up!  I still have more yarn to use, so round 2 will arrive at some point.  It’s baby season, so baby knits are consuming my thoughts currently…

Our next charity endeavor is going to be knitting dishcloths for the Ronald McDonald house in Jackson.  Maria contacted them and they said they would be more than happy to take handknit dishcloths and washcloths.  Works for us since that is one of our favorite things to make!!



We are still having some crazy weather in my area – Tuesday it was 82 degrees and yesterday it turned cold – 49 degrees.  😦  The only thing that this type of weather is good for is making people sick and/or looking forward to spring and summer.  Although I do not look forward to 100 degree days with 100% humidity.  There is no happy middle ground for long in Mississippi…

Moving on…

Maria’s birthday was Tuesday and a while back she told me that she would like to have a market bag.  Usually I hound people about what they would like until nobody is surpised (one of my few flaws), but this time I just filed that information away and searched for a pattern all on my own.  I settled on the Go Green Market Bag.

I love this pattern!!  (I opted out of the CD in the bottom – but I am sure that it would be a nice addition.)

You will definitely be seeing me make this pattern again.  (Forget you saw it!! :D)

It takes about 2 skeins of Lily Sugar N Cream (solid) and makes a really great bag with 2 handles!  I love the 2 handles.  The other 2 market bags I’ve made both had the one large, wide strap across the top which I do not love.  This one is perfect.  PERFECT!!  The pattern also gives you the option to make the straps shorter in case you want a bag that you can carry on your forearm instead of your shoulder.  I might experiment with that one next.

In other areas:

I am still working on preemie hats.  The deadline for me collecting them is coming up at the end of the month and I am really looking forward to that.  One can only make so many preemie hats, but I am happy to say that baby heads will be warmed and I have gotten rid of some yarn that I didn’t want or need anymore.  A win-win situation.

My knitting has become very dis-jointed lately.  I am all over the place.  Hopefully I’ll find my rhythm again soon.

Catching Up – Again

I have been such a bad blogger over the past few weeks, that it is time for the return of the Mosaic.  (Really, I didn’t plan this.  ha ha ha)  Blame it on Animal Crossing!!  Now that Michelle and I can play online together, we meet up everyday and the time just goes by so fast that before I know it any time for knitting is GONE!!  I am trying to do better about incorporating some knitting time, but Animal Crossing sure is fun! 😀

So, on to the good stuff!!!  I have completed a few projects, so I shall share them with you now.

1. I made this dishcloth for my Ravelry $10 Swap Partner.  This is a great group on ravelry that does a swap every month with a spending limit of $10.  February’s theme was Valentine’s Day, so I chose to make this cute Valentine dishcloth.

2. When I saw the Sweetheart Hat on Susan B. Anderson’s blog I just thought it was the cutest thing!! I started out making the 12-24 month size for a friend’s baby back in Corinth, but thanks to some gauge issues and me not checking them, this hat turned out the perfect size for Maria’s little darling.  I want to make more of these, but I guess I will wait until next year so they will be closer to Valentine’s Day.  I have my mind on bunny hats this time of year. 😀

3. & 4.  I have a friend here at work that is expecting her first baby in July, so that means that I get to experiment with all different sorts of baby items.  FUN FOR ME!!  I love the Fancy Crocheted Booties and y’all know that I love to make a dishcloth/washcloth (free Rav Download)!!  I am hoping to make her some more baby items once my current wave of baby hats for various babies subsides.  (Hopefully I’ll have something to post about there before the end of this month!)

5. & 6. These are holdovers from January, but I dove into my stash of Malabrigo to make a few things for myself.  The Scrunchable Hat (free Rav Download) – which is a really great hat! and the It Ain’t Plain, Jane neckwarmer.  I love malabrigo!!  This month is Malabrigo March so I’ll have to see what I can do about that……

I have a TON of stuff that I want to accomplish.  I am already thinking about Christmas items and feel pretty sure that I know what I am going to make for several people already.  I also organized a preemie hat/blanket knit-a-long in the Ole Miss Knits group on Ravelry, which will be coming to an end this month.  I’ll do one big post about that at the end.  Preemie hats are so fun and quick!!